Our Scents are Sinsational!

Moxy Girl Bath & Body specializes in Luxurious Handmade Bath products, created by a licensed  Esthetician . Our products were inspired by the finest spas from around the country.

Our lines include:

• Handmade Bath Salts
• Bubble Bath

• Handmade Body Lotion
• Handmade Body Sprays

• Bath Puppets for kids
• Consultant Opportunity

Handmade Products

What makes Moxy Girl Bath & Body products unique is they are Handmade to order so you're guaranteed they haven’t been gathering dust on a store shelf. You can also get them in the scent and strength you want. You don't get that kind of attention from a department store. What you get there is a lot of old chemicals sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Scent Selection

Our Scents include fragrances similar to department stores and specialty shops with more unique Scents to come. If we don’t carry the Scent you're looking for just email us and we will do our best to get it for you at no additional charge. We work hard to offer you the finest, freshest products available, custom made and custom blended.

Moxy Girl Consultant Opportunity

For those of you wishing to start your own business we offer the Moxy Girl Consultant Opportunity. As a Moxy Girl Consultant you’ll enjoy financial freedom, the ability to set your own hours and be your own boss. Whatever you're looking for Moxy Girl Bath & Body is sure to be the right fit. Visit us for more information here Join our team


Contact us at moxygirl43@yahoo.com   


Moxy Girl was formally known as We Make Perfect Scents.





Copyright © 2014 Moxy Girl Bath & Body All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2014 Bath & Body By Moxy Girl All Rights Reserved

Some of our products contain vanilla in the fragrance oils, which over time can discolor and turn pink or brown in color. This is a natural process and does NOT affect the products performance or safety. We have chosen not to add chemical stabilizers to our products as it will not stop the process but will only slow it down.

Some of our products are Not Handmade and are labeled as such when we feel there might be any confusion.